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Computer Lab

The Library Computer Lab is located upstairs from the reference desk in room 3313 and is accessible 24/7.

Computers: Six PCs, two of which offer Adobe Acrobat.

Printing: Law students receive a 600-page printing credit each semester from the Law School and a 200-page print credit each semester on their UNM ID. 

To access the 600 free copies, send jobs to either:

  • UNM School of Law Printer
    • Jobs go to the black and white Konica Minolta machine.
    • Login to printer using last 4 digits of your Banner ID and first 2 letters of your last name.
  • Library Dell Printer
    • Jobs go to the Dell machine.
    • Jobs print automatically, no login is required.

To access the 200 free copies, send jobs to:

  • WiFi_IT_Q and name your print job when prompted
    • Jobs go to the HP machine labeled Paw Prints/WiFi_IT_Q.
    • Swipe your UNM ID at the Pharos print release station to the immediate left of the printer.

LexisNexis provides a dedicated printer for unlimited free printing of documents from its database.

Scanning and Copying: The UNM School of Law Printer is a multi-function device that also allows you to scan to email and photocopy.

Computer Lab Problems: Report problems (including toner cartridge replacement and paper tray refills) to the Circulation Desk, after hours email the IT Helpdesk. Report Lexis printer problems to the Lexis student reps.

Accessibility: Students who need accessibility software should contact UNM School of Law Student Services and the UNM Accessibility Resource Center.

More information: For help with wireless printing, print quotas, and other IT issues, consult the IT and Media Services Help Guides available on the Law School’s intranet.

Law Library Contacts

(505) 277-0935

(505) 277-6236
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