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Computer Lab

The computer lab is located upstairs from the reference desk in room 3313 and is accessible 24/7.

The lab is for law student use only whereas the PCs located across from the reference desk and on the lower floor near the pro se collection are intended for use by library guests and are not configured for law student access or printing.

The lab is equipped with:

  • Six PCs
  • UNM School of Law Printer - Students receive a 600-page printing credit each semester.
  • PawPrints Printer – Students receive a $10 print credit on their lobo card each semester. 
  • Lexis Printer – Lexis provides a dedicated printer for free printing of documents from its database. Report Lexis printer problems to their student rep.
  • A multi-function device for scanning to email and copying.
  • Recycle bins.

Please report computer lab problems (including toner cartridge replacement and paper tray refills) to the Circulation Desk.

Students who need accessibility software should contact UNM School of Law Student Services and the UNM Accessibility Resource Center.

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