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Academic Support Collection


The academic support collection is located in the bookcases across from the Reference Desk.

The collection contains Nutshells, Examples and Explanations, and hornbooks that are often used by law students to better understand the cases and key concepts covered in their casebooks. Academic support items may be checked out for two hours, but may be kept overnight if checked out within two hours of closing and returned within one hour after the Library opens the next morning.


West Study Aids provide online access to the full text of series like Nutshells, hornbooks, Gilbert Law Summaries, and Blackletter Outlines as well as guides to law school success and starting a legal career. The subscription may be accessed by following the above link. However, if you'd like to highlight or add notes, create your own account by going to the main page and selecting "Create an Account."  

Note: West Academic Study Aids CANNOT be accessed through your Westlaw account. This is a separate subscription accessible from the above link.

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