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Student Scholarship

Law students have the opportunity to pursue scholarly writing as part of the UNM School of Law academic program. The library supports the publication and preservation of student scholarship

Journal Article Submission

UNM Law students may electronically submit articles to individual or multiple law journals. Article submission fees are paid by the School of Law.


Student authors can use the ExpressO service to submit an article to any of 550+ participating law reviews. Student submissions are sent only to those law reviews that consider student work. Students may submit an article to five journals at a time; there may be just a few or over 20 journals per subject area. To submit articles using the UNM School of Law account, sign up for a new account using your law school email address.

Submission Policies

For an up-to-date list of publications and their submission policies, please see the continuously-updated article: Allen K. Rostron & Nancy Levit, Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals.


For a ranking of law journals by citation count, please see the Law Journals: Submissions & Ranking website of the Washington & Lee University Law Library.

Law Library Contacts

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