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Academic Support Collection

To assist law students we maintain a collection of academic support material which we keep on Class Reserve at the Reference Desk. The collection includes such items as black letter outlines, horn books, material containing tips for effective study habits, examination strategies and bar preparation strategies. It is overseen by Bonnie Stepleton, Assistant Dean for Student Services. A list of all titles in the collection can be generated by accessing the library catalog's [Class Reserve section].

In the Spring of 2010, the Law Library added several new study aids to the Academic Support collection on Course Reserve (behind the Circulation Desk).  These books are designed to help you prepare for Law School classes and for final exams. In addition to the Nutshell series from West, we have titles in the “Understanding” series from Lexis and the “Examples and Explanations” series from Aspen.  These are available for a 2-hour checkout.

For more in-depth class preparation, we have additional titles in the Upper Floor Treatises collection including Hornbooks from West and several multi-volume treatises (e.g., Nimmer on Copyright).

When exam time approaches, remember the Exam Archives and “A” Answers available to law students via the Law School Intranet (  The exams and answers are organized by UNM Law School professor name and then by class name.

If you have any questions, please contact the Reference Desk (; 277-0935).