About the Library

Library Faculty

The Law Library faculty was established in 1975 as a teaching faculty separate from the Law School faculty. This faculty is administered by the Law Library Director, who is a member of the Law School faculty. The Director reports directly to the Dean of the School of Law and serves as the chairperson of the Law Library faculty.

The Law Library faculty serves the Law School and its programs uniquely by providing teaching, training, and tutorial services to Law faculty, students, and other members of the University community and legal community in the areas of legal research and resources, both in print and electronically. The Law Library faculty teaches Legal Research (2 credits) and Specialized Legal Research (1 credit) each semester. The Law Library faculty provides in-depth legal research for the Law School faculty and works closely with them to support their individual research needs as well as to support the curriculum of the Law School through ongoing collection development, by keeping abreast of current developments and providing assistance to students as they complete their Law School course assignments. The Law Library faculty serves as a visible extension of the Law School through reference and legal materials services provided to the citizens of the State of New Mexico and the legal community.