Law Library Gifts and Donations

Gift Policy

The Library welcomes gifts. In particular we encourage donations of recent editions of hornbooks, nutshells, or any recent editions of the Understanding the Law, Examples and Explanations, and Concepts and Insights series. As a general rule, the Library does not add casebooks to the collection.

All gift material is reviewed and added to the collection if it supports the Library’s research and teaching mission, and if the Library does not already own it. If there is not an immediate need for the material, it may be stored for replacement of worn volumes. Material may also be given to other libraries. Some material may be recycled if it is otherwise unusable. The Library may decline to accept large collections, unless accompanied by funds to cover processing costs.

In order to receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes, a donor must provide a list of the titles and volumes included in the gift. The Library is prohibited from providing appraisals of the value of gift material. All gifts are accepted with the understanding that the Library retains complete discretion to utilize or dispose of the materials as warranted by library needs.

To discuss a potential donation, please contact Sherri Thomas, 277-2228.

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