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Access to the special collections is by appointment only, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. To make an appointment, please contact Ernesto Longa, (505) 277-6796.

School of Law Archive

The Library maintains an archive of School of Law materials that document the life of the institution and its teaching, scholarship, and service missions. Included are committee minutes, class lists, class photographs, calendars, lists of courses taught, syllabi, minutes from faculty meetings, annual reports, self-studies, and memorabilia. All books and article reprints produced by School of Law faculty members are included in the collection.

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Digitized Administrative Collections

Historical and Political Papers

The Library selectively acquires historically significant collections that have a connection to the law school, when space and funds permit, and when the items do not complement the collection focuses of the other archives in the state.

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Special Collections

The below collections may consist of titles in the general collection and/or digitized papers available through Digital Commons.  

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CHLP is a donated collection consisting of Professor Chris Fritz's materials on the common law legal tradition. It includes hundreds of treatises and monographs that provide a comparative and historical perspective on the common law versus civil law systems. The collection is gift-plated and interfiled within the library collection. See the comprehensive list of titles that have been processed to date.

The Library’s Indian Law Collection focuses on U.S. Indian law issues and resources. The Library strives to provide the historical and interdisciplinary information necessary for understanding Indian law issues and seeks to serve faculty, students, practitioners, and New Mexico Native communities. The collection contains numerous sources of tribal materials, such as tribal codes and tribal court reports, as well as a wealth of monographs dealing with the historical and cultural aspects of various tribes. Also included are a complete set of materials on microfiche from the Indian Claims Commission, comprising testimony, briefs, decisions, appellate decisions, and corresponding indexes; online resources, such as the VersusLaw database of tribal court decisions and the U.S. Serial Set digital collection (the equivalent of over 14,000 volumes containing thousands of congressional reports and documents published since 1817, including those related to Indians and Indian affairs); and comparative materials related to the laws of indigenous peoples in other countries.

The Land Grant Collection consists of bound, Spanish-language compilations of the laws of Spain and Mexico from the early to mid-1800's, as land in New Mexico was being parceled out. Other scholarly monographs and early documents describe the development, and various aspects, of land grants throughout New Mexico's history. Due to the special nature of this collection, access is limited to Monday-Friday, 9 am-6 pm.

The Library actively collects, preserves, indexes, and makes available for research copies of New Mexico Primary Legal Materials from the New Mexico territorial and statehood eras. With the growing use of electronic resources for legal research, it is important to preserve the legacy print collection of these legal materials.

The Rare Book Collection consists of several hundred volumes, many of which are irreplaceable editions. Coverage includes classics in English law, New Mexico territorial laws and agency reports, rare editions on Native American law and culture, early laws of other states, and federal agency reports. Also included are materials on the early New Mexico bar and UNM School of Law. Due to the special nature of this collection, access is limited to Monday-Friday, 9 am-6 pm.

The Water Law Collection is a donated collection consisting of Professor Denise Fort's water law materials. It includes hundreds of treatises, monographs, serials, and conference proceedings in all areas of water law, with a special emphasis on western water law. Professor Fort's donation represents a significant contribution to the Library's water law holdings. The collection is gift-plated and arranged in call number order within the library collection. See the comprehensive list of titles that have been processed to date.

The Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission was charged with reviewing federal activities in the western states that affect the use and allocation of water, as well as reviewing numerous aspects of water resources, management, institutional and legal matters, and the performance of federal agencies. Commission members were appointed by President William J. Clinton, and the Commission was chaired by UNM School of Law Professor Denise Fort. A list of Commission members is included in the Final Report. The Commission's work was done through public meetings, research, and symposia, with the assistance of experts. The Commission's final report, reports submitted to the Commission by experts, and transcripts of meetings and symposia are included in the Water Policy Digital Collection. The final report of the Commission provides an overview of the status of water in the western United States as of 1998.