Research Support

The library provides discipline-specific and interdisciplinary support for both conceptual and empirical research. To request assistance Contact the Library.

Book and Article Delivery

Books and articles will be quickly delivered to faculty mailboxes if the material is available in the Law Library or at other libraries on campus. If it is not available on campus, the Library will determine the best means to obtain the title and deliver it when it arrives. You will receive timely and regular updates on the progress of these efforts.

Citation Assistance (Bluebooking)

The Library provides research assistance to identify or verify credible supportive evidence for propositions made in scholarly work. For assistance formatting citations according to Bluebook (or other) citation rules contact Cheryl Burbank, 277-0609.

Current Awareness Alerts

Faculty members can receive email notice of news alerts, new scholarship, Shepard’s and Keycite reports for primary authority, etc.

Research Assistant Training

The librarians are happy to train and consult with faculty RAs so that they can provide more efficient, focused support; are aware of potentially relevant databases and resources; or to provide them with a review session on research processes.

Research Database Access

All but a few of the databases licensed by the Library can be accessed off-site by using the links on the Library’s web page then entering a law school user name and password. To access databases from the webpage of another UNM library, sign in requires a UNM/Banner username and password.

 A-Z Research Databases

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